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2018 Edition

16th Summer University dedicated to Food & Drink Studies

Tours, 26 August to 2 September 2018


Since 2003, the IEHCA’s summer university has served as a key platform for the discussion of new research in Food & Drink Studies. Following a number of themed meetings, the 2018 issue will survey the field more broadly.

What are the major interests and issues currently explored in anthropology, classics, gastronomy, history, literary studies, sociology and other disciplines? Which general trends have emerged over recent years? How can our understanding be further advanced in the future?

Leading specialists from different backgrounds will survey such questions with reference to their current research and graduate students are invited to present their ongoing projects to an international audience in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere. As on previous occasions, academic debates at our attractive venue overlooking Tours city centre will be complemented by informal exchange with other specialists, opportunities for personal study (not least in the rich holdings of the IEHCA library), engagement with regional culinary cultures and field trips to congenial sites in the area.

Academic co-directors

  • Isabelle Bianquis – Professor of Anthropology, Université François-Rabelais, Tours, France
  • Antonella Campanini – Instructor in Medieval History, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Bra/Pollenzo, Italy
  • Beat Kümin – Professor of Early Modern History, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Teaching staff
Academic guidance will be provided by the following scholars specializing in different areas of food and drink studies :

  • Pierre-Antoine Dessaux, Professor of History (Université de Tours / France)
  • Jaroslaw Dumanowski, Professor of History (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń/Poland)
  • Marie-Luce Gélard, Professor of anthropology (Université Paris 5 / France)
  • Régis Hankard, Professor of Paediatrics (Université de Tours / France)
  • Marie-Pierre Horard, Professor of Archeozoology (Université de Tours / France)
  • Deborah Toner, Associate Professor of History (Leicester University / United Kingdom)

Teaching organization

Duration : around 35 hours (excluding related cultural activities) :
1) five two-hours lecture/seminar classes led by recognized experts on topics relating to method, theory, approach, sources…, including scope for discussion.

2) Student research presentations to our teaching staff and participants. Papers of 15 minutes will be followed by comments and a general discussion.
To maximize the academic benefits, each speaker will be required to submit an initial proposal (of max. 2-3 A4-pages) summarizing their research and interests; if accepted, a longer text of 3-10 pages on any aspect (depending on the stage of the project e.g. an outline, a review of existing scholarship, a summary of empirical findings, methodological reflections, in-depth examination of a specific aspect…) can be submitted by the end of July. These papers will be circulated to all participants one month before the Summer University. At some point during the week, each will be commented upon by two peer commentators, in order to enhance debate. Please be prepared to give your talk at any point, in some cases even on the first day. Papers need to be kept to 15 minutes.

3) Individual tutorials for students on request. Two time slots are set aside for this, but the convivial character of the event will also provide opportunities for informal exchange.

4) Two practical sessions will be organized and led by food/drink professionals.

Conditions of registration

We can accommodate 15 to 20 participants.The Summer University is open to postgraduates (Master) and doctoral researchers on any aspect of food / drink studies from Antiquity to the present.
All discussions are conducted in English and no knowledge of other languages is necessary.
Participants wishing to hold their talks in French, German or Italian may do so, but will be expected to provide extended abstracts in English.

The deadline for submission is 18 May 2018.

Registration fee: €450

The fee covers the following services:
> lectures and seminars, visits and related cultural activities,
> accommodation in single rooms and full board during the Summer University.

Travel expenses to Tours have to be met by the participants themselves.


Thanks to the generous support of the IEHCA, we can offer a number of bursaries covering the full registration fee (450€).
Selection will be based on overall academic quality/promise of submissions received before the closing date.
Please indicate on the application form whether you would like to be considered for such a bursary.